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Visitors coming to Korea should have a valid passport and a visa, although visitors from some 99 nations with special agreements with Korea may enter Korea temporarily without visas.




Exceptions are :
      1. Persons without nationality
      2. Citizens of nations without diplomatic relations with Korea  




For further information and Visa Issuance process please visit Korean Immigration Bureau website :




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       - Incheon International Airport :
       - Gimpo International Airport :
       - Government for Foreigners :
       - Ministry of Justice :





Originally, If the foreigner would like to perform new activities by stopping current activities, the foreigner shall departure from Korea then, shall enter after receiving relevant visa. In case the requirements of status of stay can fulfill in Korea, the foreigner could permitted for the change of status of stay after a rigid examination.
The foreigner has to receive a permission for change of status of stay to the Immigration Office under the jurisdiction before engaging new activities.




  ■ Required documents
Application form
      Passport and Alien registration card
      Attached document per status
      Fee (50,000 won)
     *Related site: G4F





Foreign residents who come to Korea with a long-term visa (more than 90 days) have to obtain an Alien Registration Certificate from the Seoul Immigration Office within 90 days after arrival. The alien registration procedure applies to foreigners wishing to change their visa type, as well as those who wish to extend their period of stay beyond 90 days. Any change in the Alien Registration Certificate must be reported to the Immigration Office within 14 days. When foreign residents move, they should report to their new district office within 14 days of moving. Foreign registration is valid for one (1) year and foreigners must renew their registration within one (1) year.




Registration period


       Foreigners intending to stay for more than 90 days in Korea after entry:
        - within 90 days of entry
       Foreigners with permission granted for status to stay or change of status:
        - Upon receiving permission. (immediately)


Exceptions to foreign registration


       - Those carrying out diplomacy, official missions and agreements, and their family
          members (A-1, A-2, A-3)
       - Those undertaking diplomatic, industrial, or other important duties for the national security
          and their family members, and other foreigners exempt from registration as foreigners by
          the Minister of Justice
       - Foreigners from Canada intending to stay for less than 6 months and who hold one of the
          following Visa status:  Culture/Arts (D-1), Religious Works (D-6), Visit&Stay with family
         (F-1), Family dependency (F-3), others (G-1)


Required documents


       Application Form
       3 photographs (taken within 6 months, 3x4cm)
       Fee (10,000 Won)


Related Sites :


       Seoul immigration office (URL :
       Tel : 1345 (from lan-line or mobile phone)
       How to get there: Get off at Omokgyo station (Line 5) Gate No.7 and walk 10 min.






    1. Registration Number : first six digits(birth date)
        - last seven digits(personalized number)
    2. Name : name as appears on passport
    3. Nationality : nationality as appears on passport
    4. Place of stay : address in Korea
    5. Status of sojourn
    6. Date of issue, Expiry date
    7. Issuing office
    1. Date of permission : the date when the permission is issued.
    2. Change of particulars : change of the status of stay, etc.
    3. Permitting office : office that makes the permission.
    4. Period of stay : the date when the permission is issued and there
        by the new expiration date of the period of stay.