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Foreigners employed by a company that hires more than five employees are entitled to Workplace Medical Insurance. Spouses and children are also covered by this insurance. The employer should enroll them in a medical insurance program. Foreign employees are advised to confirm enrollment. Community Medical Insurance is only for those who are not entitled to Workplace Medical Insurance.
Necessary Conditions
Foreigners who fall under the categories below can apply for Workplace Medical Insurance or Community Medical Insurance.
* Foreigners who reside in Korea permanently with an F-2 visa
* Native citizens' foreign spouses and their children with an F-1 visa
* Foreigners who sojourn for a year or more with D-1, D-2, D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9, E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, E-7, E-8 or F-4 visas and their children with an F-3 visa who are single and under 20 years of age.
Required Documents for Community Medical Insurance Applications
Alien Registration Card, a certificate of current employment or an employment contract.
* Foreigners who have an F-1 or F-3 visa : a certificate which can prove the family relation
Where to Apply
  You can get more information from the Head Office of the National Health Insurance Corporation
(Tel. 3270-9102).
* Branch Offices:
Branch Office Telephone
Seoul Central Branch
Songdong Kwangjin Branch
Tongdaemun Chungnang Branch
Songbuk Kangbuk Branch
Tobong Nowon Branch
Sodaemun Unpyong Branch
Yangchon Kangso Branch
Kuro Kumchon Branch
Tongjak Kwanak Branch
Socho Kangnam Branch
Songpa Kangdong Branch

Dial 119 in any emergency situation (e.g. fire, injury, natural disaster, etc.). Once you call, your location is automatically identified and a rescue team will arrive quickly to provide you with professional assistance.

Foreign residents and tourists can be assured of getting speedy translation services when they dial emergency call 119.

The Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO) and the National 119 Rescue Service have cooperated to provide a complete emergency rescue service for the nation's foreign community. The joint service provides rescue services for all types of emergency situations.

Any foreign resident or traveler who calls 119 for help is automatically connected to the KNTO's 24-hour tourist information center for a real-time translation and proper assistance.

The service will be available in English, Japanese and Chinese. One may also dial 1330 to be connected to the National Rescue Service.

In addition, International SOS Korea, Ltd. provides a 24-hour emergency service for foreigners.

International SOS Korea Ltd
Membership required / English and Japanese available
Tel. 82-2-790-7561, 6783 (24 hours)

FOCUS (Foreigner's Community Service)
Membership required / Volunteers are available
Tel. 798-7529, 797-8976

Other agencies or organizations providing emergency services
Criminal Acts Tel: 82.2.740.1118
International Criminal Acts Tel: 080-776-2112
Red Cross Emergency Tel: 129
U.S. Military Evacuation Hospital Tel: 121
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Tel: 82.2.738.9997 or 4587
Passport ARS Service Tel: 82-2-733-2114