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9 News 3 [09-06-11] Evening News 6pm Evening News   참조열기   6
 North and South Korean officials have concluded special talks that were held at the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex.  The South's Unification Ministry spokesman Chun Hae-sung said Pyongyang asked for workers' monthly wages to be more than tripled, and annual salaries increased at a rate ..
8 News 3 [09-06-10] Evening News 6pm Evening News   참조열기   6
 President Lee Myung-bak urged the public today to exercise mature citizenship ahead of a large rally cri..
7 News 3 [09-06-09] Evening News 6pm Evening News   참조열기   8
Korea aims to become one of the top seven leaders in brain research by 2017. According to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, the plan calls for 61 billion won to be used this year on research into brain functions, and cognitive processes.  Forty-three percent of the resear..
6 News 3 [09-06-08] Evening News 6pm Evening News   참조열기   14
 President Lee Myung-bak has expressed confidence that the combined Korea-U.S. forces can repel any armed North Korean provocation. The comments were made during a meeting with a group of U.S. general-grade officers serving in Korea, which come ..
5 News 3 [09-04-07] Evening News 6pm Evening News       12
South Korea will consult with the UN Security Council on a unified response to North Korea's rocket launch.  Foreign ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young said the government's position..


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