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2568 News 3 [16-07-01] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   13
Korea's lawmakers may soon lose their priviledge of freedom from arrest. Assembly Speaker Chung Se-kyun (정세균), the Saenuri's Chung Jin-suk (정진석), the Minjoo's Woo Sang-ho (우..
2567 News 3 [16-06-30] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   8
Britain has gotten its first taste of a future outside the EU as Europe's leaders met without Prime Minister David Cameron and wa..
2566 News 3 [16-06-29] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   15
People's Party co-chairs Ahn Cheol-soo and Cheon Jeong-bae have stepped down from their posts today to take responsibility for a..
2565 News 3 [16-06-28] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   9
The government has trimmed its growth outlook for this year from 3.1 percent down to 2.8 percent. It's on par with forecasts made..
2564 News 3 [16-06-27] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   10
The former secretary-general of the People's Party is being grilled by Seoul prosecutors over an alleged kickback scandal that's mired the minor opposition. Before entering the Seoul Western Distric Prosecutors' Office this morning, Park Sun-sook offered an apology to the public over the scandal an..


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