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2578 News 3 [16-07-11] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   8
A hearing will be held this afternoon on an arrest warrant request for People's Party representatives Park Sun-sook (박선숙) and Kim Su-min (김수민). Prosecutors believe the lawmakers received millions of won in illegal rebates from ad firms during April's general election. The scandal led last month's r..
2577 News 3 [16-07-10] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   14
The current heat wave has triggered advisories for most of the country as temperatures will again soar above 30 degrees. The day..
2576 News 3 [16-07-09] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   11
Former Daewoo Shipbuilding chief Ko Jae-ho (고재호) has been arrested in the early hours of this morning. The arrest came after the Seoul Central District Court yesterday issued the warrant sought by prosecutors. Ko is suspected of committing over 5 trillion won in accounting fraud by under-reporting p..
2575 News 3 [16-07-08] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   24
[Anchor] After months of discussions, Seoul and Washington have agreed to deploy an advanced missile defense system on South Kore..
2574 News 3 [16-07-07] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   11
[Anchor] The United States has imposed sanctions on Kim Jong-un for North Korea's human rights abuses. South Korea welcomed the u..


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