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2538 News 3 [16-06-01] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 08:52 참조열기 스크랩하기 5
[Anchor] Vice chairman of the North Korean ruling party's Central Committee Ri Su-yong may meet with Chinese President Xi Jingping today. Ri and a large delegation from Pyongyang arrived in Beijing yesterday for a three-day visit. Ron Chang reports. [Rep..
2537 News 3 [16-05-31] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 08:51 참조열기 스크랩하기 6
[Anchor] North Korea fired off what appeared to be a mid-range ballistic missile this morning. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff deemed the launch a failure and said it is maintaining a heightened readiness posture against further provocations. Ron Cha..
2536 News 3 [16-05-30] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 08:52 참조열기 스크랩하기 10
[Anchor] The 20th National Assembly has begun its four-year term today. The new parliament got off to a rocky start amid ongoing disputes over the makeup of the new parliament. Julie Sohn has more. [Report] Rival parties are still struggling to reach a c..
2535 News 3 [16-05-29] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 03:52 참조열기 스크랩하기 21
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be in North Gyeongsang province today, amid growing speculation that he may run in next year's presidential election. After speaking this morning at a Rotary convention in Goyang, Ban will be in North Gyeongsang to ..
2534 News 3 [16-05-28] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 03:58 참조열기 스크랩하기 2
Prosecutor-turned-lawyer Hong Man-pyo returned home early this morning after some 17 hours of prosecutor questioning. He partially admitted to the tax evasion charges, but denied allegations that he unlawfully contacted his former colleagues to advocate his clients, including CEO of Nature Republic ..


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