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4335 News 3 [16-06-04] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   1
9am News
4334 News 3 [16-06-03] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   9
The government is set to hold a meeting this morning to discuss ways to tackle fine dust. It will be chaired by Prime Minister Hwang kyo-ahn and attended by eight ministers and the head of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Environment Minister Yoo Seong-kyu will announce measures to help redu..
4333 News 3 [16-06-03] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   17
U.S. defense chief Ash Carter said he expects THAAD to be on the agenda during talks with South Korean defense minister Han Min-koo in Singapore later this week. Carter made the remark en route to the annual Shangri-La Dialogue meeting of regional defense..
4332 News 3 [16-06-02] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   26
The U.N. Security Council has condemned North Korea's recent ballistic missile tests, saying they contribute to Pyongyang's development of nuclear weapons delivery systems. This came in respo..
4331 News 3 [16-06-02] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   19
President Park Geun-hye has arrived in France for a four-day stat..


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