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14942 Current Affairs 4 [16-05-03] 6-8pm·Primetime PRIME SPORTS   참조열기   3
2-3 PRIME SPORTS Guest: 조성민 (Freelance Reporter)  1. [MLB Daily Update] 박병호 has done some damage to Astros and 오승환 pitched another scoreless inning  
14941 Current Affairs 4 [16-05-03] 6-8pm·Primetime ECONOMIC BULLETIN   참조열기   3
2-2 ECONOMIC BULLETIN [BGM Playing in the Background]   1. Exports of South Korean washers nearly triple in Australia and New Zealand 
14940 Current Affairs 4 [16-05-03] 6-8pm·Primetime PRIME INTERVIEW   참조열기   6
1-2 PRIME INTERVIEW Topic: The Case Against Spanking Children Guest: Emeritus Professor Priscilla Alderson(Childhood Studies/University College London Institute of Education)  Segment Introduction Host: Disciplining young children is an important role for ..
14939 News 2 [16-05-03] 6-8pm·Primetime Seoul City News   참조열기   6
1-3 SEOUL CITY NEWS Guest: Tina Kim (Freelance Reporter)   1. Seoul to scrap 5% auto tax discount incentive for weekly no-driving day program 
14938 Current Affairs 3 [16-05-03] 6-8pm·Primetime News Today   참조열기   7
2-1 NEWS TODAY Report: 김정윤 (Freelance Reporter)   1. Summit with Iran results in economic, diplomatic cooperation   


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