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5 Small talk 3 [09-04-01] AOD Archive Dirvetime 'Learning ..   참조열기   19
 안녕하세요 this is 황선생님  Today Gwang Ju GFN 98.7FM has launched,   I'm delighted that we can have more listeners in Gwang Ju  So Sam and Annabelle it's your job to teach them properly, Please listen carefully this time, because native Korean speakers in 전라도 are l..
4 Small talk 1 [09-04-01] AOD Archive Greeting messages to..   참조열기   52
Greeting messages to GFN (Gwangju Foreigners Network)   1. GFN started to read out the radio wave on 11:01 today which will go down in history of Gwangju where is known for the center of the Asian culture.   2 .Inviting the era of globalization and multi-culturalism, GF..
3 Small talk 1 [09-04-01] AOD Archive Congratulatory Messa..   참조열기   86
 Hello GFN(Gwangju Foreigners Network) Listeners!  This is Maria Lisak, a voice from Gwangju International Center.  It's really great news that the 'Gwangju English Radio Station' begins on April 1st  at FM 98.7MHz. Congratulations! We are so excited!   We look fo..
2 Small talk 1 [09-04-01] AOD Archive Congratulatory Message   참조열기   122
안녕하십니까? 광주상무축구단의 김용대 골키퍼입니다. Hello, My name is Kim Yong Dae I'm a goalkeeper for Gwang Ju SangMu Football Club.   먼저 광주 GFN의 개국을 축하하며, First of all, congratulations on launching the first all English radio station in Gwang Ju GFN.   우리 불사조 광주상무축구단도 올 한해 더욱 멋진 ..
1 Small talk 2 [09-04-01] 5pm·Culture News What's happening at ..   참조열기   14
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