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4386 [16-07-01] 12-2·K-Popular, Th.. K-Popular 1   참조열기   6
[1st Segment]  Opening   As you all know, the time is winding down for our time here at 남산.   TBS will officially be moving to 사암 and of course continue to bring you great shows.   But as for us, we still have to ge..
4385 [16-06-30] 12-2·K-Popular, Th.. K-Popular 2   참조열기   4
[3rd Segment]   The 3rd segment of K-popular is sponsored by: ♬M. EXO / LUCKY ONE ♬M. EXID / L.I.E.      LOVIN' LYRICS!:  Opening  It's now time for: LOVIN' LYRICS! -..
4384 [16-06-30] 12-2·K-Popular, Th.. K-Popular 1   참조열기   5
[1st Segment]  Opening   Imagine if you woke up in the morning.  And didn't go ANYWHERE!  It'd be the most dull day ever!   But, hopefully none o..
4383 [16-06-29] 12-2·K-Popular, Th.. K-Popular 2   참조열기   9
[3rd Segment]   Welcome back to the 2nd half of K-Popular! We are your DJ's~ As One!  We've been asking you:   READ LISTENERS' RESPONSES  Listen Online at: FM Digital Magazine TBS 교통정보App  We'll be back with THE ..
4382 [16-06-29] 12-2·K-Popular, Th.. K-Popular 1   참조열기   5
[1st Segment]  Opening   No one said that life would be easy.   Fortunately we learn a lot of things a long the way.   We learn some things quickly while other things may even take years to fully understand.   (And there of course are things we still are..


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