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2526 News 3 [16-07-01] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   12
Korea's lawmakers may soon lose their priviledge of freedom from arrest. Assembly Speaker Chung Se-kyun (정세균), the Saenuri's Chung Jin-suk (정진석), the Minjoo's Woo Sang-ho (우상호), and People's Party Floor Leader Park Jie-won (박지원)held talks in Seoul yesterday and agreed that immunity rights should be..
2525 News 3 [16-06-30] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   12
Washington has reiterated that the THAAD battery it plans to deploy to South Korea is a purely defensive system against North Korea's missile threats. State Department spokesperson Katina Adams made the remark Wednesday, in response to Chinese President Xi Jinping's opposition towards the system. Xi..
2524 News 3 [16-06-29] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   8
Ten standing committees, including the legislation and finance committees, are holding a session at the National Assembly today to receive ministry reports. It's expected that discussions will focus on the government's economic roadmap for the second hal..
2523 News 3 [16-06-28] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   22
Two ratings agencies have downgraded Britain because of its vote to leave the E.U. Standard &Poor's removed Britain's coveted triple-A status, downgrading it by two notches with a long-term negative outlook. A statement from the agency said Britain's decision to leave the E.U. will lead to a less p..
2522 News 3 [16-06-27] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   10
Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho has pledged to implement aggressive stabilization measures to address any market unrest caused by Bri..


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