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1849 News 3 [16-06-23] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   17
The U.N. Security Council is expected to hold an emergency meetin..
1848 News 3 [16-06-22] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   69787
North Korea has fired off what appears to be a mid-range ballistic missile. According to Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missile was launched early this morning at around 5:58 AM near the eastern city of Wonsan. It's presumed to have been a Musudan missile that has a range of 3,000 kilometers. T..
1847 News 3 [16-06-21] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   13
The Seoul Central District Court will hold an unprecedented hearing this afternoon over the legality of holding 12 North Korean defectors that Pyongyang claims were abducted by the Seoul government. A local association of progressive lawyers requested the hearing to determine whether the defectors a..
1846 News 3 [16-06-20] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   69530
Saenuri interim chief Kim Hee-ok will return to party affairs this morning. It effectively ends the boycott he launched last week after Floor Leader Chung Jin-suk held a controversial vote to reinstate seven independent lawmakers - most of whom are part of the anti-Park Geun-hye faction. Kim's decis..
1845 News 3 [16-06-17] Morning News 7am News   참조열기   69849
Uganda has asked North Korea to withdraw its forces from the African nation. According to Seoul's defense ministry, Ugandan military official Charles Bakahumura notified his South Korean counterpart Kim Hwang-rok of its recent move in a meeting yesterday. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni first mad..


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