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4 News 3 [09-04-06] Morning News 7am Morning News   참조열기   9
United States President Barack Obama is denouncing North Korea's rocket launch and is warning of a strong resonse at the UN Security Council.  During a speech in the Czech Republic yesterday, President Obama said the North's provocation underscores the need for action in preventing the spr..
3 News 3 [09-04-03] Morning News 7am Morning News   참조열기   61
Leaders of the world's 20 major economies have agreed to reform the financial market and resist all forms of protectionism.  The G20 economic summit came to a close yesterday in Lon..
2 News 3 [09-04-02] Morning News 7am Morning News   참조열기   13
US news outlet CNN is reporting that North Korea has begun the process of injecting fuel into its long-range missile, ahead of a test-launch scheduled for sometime early this month.  A senior US military official says the North could be in the final stages of what it has said will be a sat..
1 News 3 [09-04-01] Morning News 7am Morning News   참조열기   105
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has once again offered North Korea a stern warning over its planned rocket launch.  Clinton told a news briefing in the Hague, Netherlands today that North Korea will suffer consequences i..


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