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180 [16-02-28] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   17
Intro  Kim Stoker Good Morning! How is your weekend going so far? I hope your Sunday is off to a good start. You've tuned in to "Weekly Review." We are here every Sunday morning from 9 to 10am on 101.3 eFM in Seoul and surrounding areas. Thanks for joining us. I am your host Ki..
179 [16-02-21] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   19
Part 1   Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning. Welcome to "Weekly Review." I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far.   "Weekly Review" is where you can hear constructive critique and criticism on selected programming at tbs eFM. You can find us here every ..
178 [16-02-14] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   13
Part 1   Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning, today is Sunday, February 14th and you have tuned in to Weekly Review. I hope you're having ..
177 [16-02-07] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   16
Part 1 Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning! Today is Sunday the 7th, our first show of the month of February. I hope a..
176 [16-01-31] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   21
Part 1  Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning! Today is January 31st, the last Sunday of the new year's first month. Already we're heading..


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