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195 [16-06-12] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   24
Part 1   Intro  Kim Stoker It's a summer Sunday! Welcome to Weekly Review. My name's Kim Stoker and I'm your host for the next hour. Here on Weekly Review you can find out about what's been going on with all our English language programming here on tbs eFM. We'..
194 [16-06-05] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   44
Part 1   Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning! Today is the fifth day of the month and the first Sunday of June. Summer is officially upon us. I'm happy to be with you this morning for Weekly Review where for the next hour we'll be giving you the ins and outs of all your fa..
193 [16-05-29] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   25
Part 1  Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning~! Today is Sunday, May 29th and you have tuned in to Weekly Review where our team of reviewers gives you insight and analysis on all your favorite English-language shows here at 101.3 tbs eFM, broadcasting from the foot of Namsan..
192 [16-05-22] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   26
Part 1   Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning! Today is Sunday May 22nd. I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. You're listening to "Weekly Review" where we give you the ins and outs of all your favorite English language programming here at 101.3 tbs eFM in the ..
191 [16-05-15] 9-10·Koreascape Weekly Review   참조열기   29
Part 1  Intro  Kim Stoker Good morning. Welcome to "Weekly Review." I hope you're all having a lovely spring weekend so far.   "Weekly Review" is where you can hear constructive critique and criticism on selected programming at tbs eFM. You can find u..


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