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2588 News 3 [16-07-21] 12pm News 12pm News 오디오파일 다운로드 08:00 참조열기 스크랩하기 78
More than 2,000 Seongju residents are planning to stage an anti-THAAD protest at Seoul Station today. The rally is scheduled from 2-6 PM. Seongju residents will be wearing blue ribbons to distinguish themselves from any non-resident protesters who choose to take part. Around 100 people will have the..
2587 News 3 [16-07-20] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   26
North Korea has revealed that yesterday's ballistic missile tests were aimed at preemptively striking South Korean ports and airfields. In an English dispatch carried by the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency, Pyongyang said it limited the range of the missiles, presumed to be of SCUD and ..
2586 News 3 [16-07-19] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   18
Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn reiterated the need for South Korea to beef up its military capabilities against North Korea's provocations. Hwang made the remark at a Cabinet meeting in response to the North's firing off of three ballistic missiles this morning. He reinforced comments made by Pentagon..
2585 News 3 [16-07-18] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   18
Police are moving forward with a criminal investigation into last Friday's protests which targeted Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn and Defense Minister Han Min-koo. Residents in Seongju blocked their vehicle and threw water bottles and eggs in anger over the government's decision to install the THAAD m..
2584 News 3 [16-07-17] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   10
National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun (정세균) says revising the Constitution is important to keep up with the changing times. Speaking in a ceremony to mark the country's 68th Constitution Day today, Chung expressed hope that changes could take place before the next president enters office in 2018...


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