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351 Entertain & Culture 1 [10-06-10] AOD Archive From the Heart 오디오파일 다운로드 02:06 참조열기 스크랩하기 308
From the Heart Dear from the heart,  Today is me and my girlfriend's two year anniversary. In some ways it seems like time has flown by but it also seems like we have been together for far longer than that, in a good way of course.  ..
350 Entertain & Culture 1 [10-06-09] AOD Archive From the heart   참조열기   70
From the Heart Name: Susan Originally from: San Diego   To From the heart,  My second boyfriend, Michael, in high school looked exactly like Andrew McCarthy from Pretty in Pink. We met at a fast food franchise in the States and he used to get me and my friends free pumpkin..
349 Entertain & Culture 1 [10-06-08] AOD Archive Entertainment   참조열기   95
From the Heart Name: Cindy Originally from: California  To From the heart,  I was hanging out at my friend's house last week when the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five came on. I am not what you would call… the sensitive type and my friend was shocked when I started tearing ..
348 Entertain & Culture 1 [10-06-07] AOD Archive From the heart   참조열기   73
From the Heart Name: Jose' Originally from: Mexico  To From the heart,  Im a GI stationed at Yongsan, halfway through a 24 month posting here. I came here single but I'm hoping to leave a married man if I get my way!  ..
347 Entertain & Culture 1 [10-06-04] AOD Archive FEEL GOOD STORY   참조열기   74
 FEEL GOOD STORY Name: Cindy Originally from: California  To Kickstart, 


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