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CHANCE ENCOUNTERS January 2, 2015 




Guest: Chance Dorland
Topic: New Year's Resolutions

Henry: Chance Dorland back in the studio. Happy 2015!

Henry: With the coming of the new year, it is customary in many countries around the world for people take a moment... look at their lives... their family... and set some new goals.

● And this opportunity comes but once a year, so let's hear some of the new year's resolutions I got from people here in Seoul… and see what the experts said.
● Let's start with something I would also like to do more of.



1st AUDIO : 01 - Travel - 0:12
Woman - Wants to travel to more new places, not just visit the same places again. Would love to go to Mongolia and Bhutan

● For most people... travel means plane tickets
● Something that been going around the internet lately is a way of purchasing chapter airline tickets that I discovered back when I lived in Germany… if you are buying tickets for international travel… as in a from one country to another… or also if you're living in a foreign country… try changing which currency you'll be paying in… which country you say you're buying the tickets from… or if you can, even the language you're using to operate the website where you're buying the tickets.
● You could save a few dollars or actually substantial more than that… because a ticket's point-of-sale -- the place where a retail transaction is completed -- can affect the price of any flight with an international component.
● Also something else people have known about for years… saving on flights by actually booking more… You buy an airline ticket that goes from point A to Point B… but you add a third destination to get a lower ticket price… and you just don't take the third leg of your flight. CNNMoney says these A-B-C bookings often turn out to be cheaper than a direct flight… so much so that in 2013, a NYC man created founded the website, a website which makes the process of buying A-B-C tickets easier… a process popularly known now as "hidden city" ticketing.
● United Airlines and Orbitz are now suing the 22-year-old man… saying his website is "unfair competition" that promotes "strictly prohibited" travel… he counters by saying he's made no profits from the website and that he's only helped travelers get better prices by exposing an "inefficiency" in the airline industry.

Henry and Chance Discuss

● Also, Business Week is telling people to take more staycations this year as 40 percent of Americans do not use their paid vacation days. They a bit jokingly say people might not be using them because they don't have enough money to travel as wages declined for almost every segment of the U.S. workforce in 2014… and I think this is perfect for a city like Seoul where someone like myself, who's lived here for the past year and a half, still haven't' been to many parts of the city… and I'd really enjoy a Seoul "staycation."

Henry and Chance Discuss

Henry: What other New Year's resolutions did people have?

" The US government says our next topic is near the top every year... and as I remember from about 5 years ago, it's especially important for students

2ndAUDIO: 02_Jobs - 0:23
Man - New job
Man - Finish his PhD and get a job... can't predict when he will finish, so it's very stressful

● Reuters reports that as youth unemployment here in Korea hit a 14-year high in 2014, thousands of students due to graduate in the next few months are expected to remain "students"… at least on paper… in order to stay competitive for the job market.
● That sounds a bit counterintuitive… but Reuters says it's because many employers prefer hiring people right around the time of graduation… and don't like perspective employees who have spent time unemployed after earning their degree…
● Government data from 33 universities last year found that more than 15,000 students delayed graduation in 2014… that's more than double the figure from three years ago.
● HOWEVER… if you have a job, BusinessWeek says you should ask for a raise… especially if you're a woman…

Henry and Chance Discuss

Henry: Whether or not you think these particular actions will change things, we would also need a long term solution.

● I finished by asking people what they thought would work

3rdAUDIO: 03_No Resolutions - 0:24
Woman - Doesn't do resolutions... doesn't want to set a time limit on her life
Woman - Doesn't do them because she never follows through. But, has started going to the gym again and quit smoking on her own without resolutions.

● So... nice to hear someone's had some success in those areas... but this yearly custom of making goals could actually be more important than a lot of people realize... while making a New Year's resolution is often overlooked or not taking too seriously, the Journal of Clinical Psychology says people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don't.
● And that's why my goal for 2015 is... not sleeping in... Over the years, I've found if I get up immediately at a certain time in the morning... or if I sleep in an extra hour or even two... I feel exactly the same. If anything, the extra sleep makes me upset I didn't accomplish anything during that time... and nags me the rest of the day. So... I think I'll be drinking more coffee this year.

Henry and Chance Discuss

Chance, thanks for the report.