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K-Popular 1 January 1, 2015 



[1st Segment]

< Opening>

Today in our new segment "Meet Me on the Streets", we'll have our new street reporter, Josh Hwang, bring in some fun interviews!
And today's topic is the same as last week's topic, but totally appropriate for today:
New Year's Resolutions for 2015
It's gonna be a lot of fun!
Welcome to our Thursday Show!
We'll be back after this song:
♬M1. 김종국 / 사랑스러워

< BGM Intro>

Hey I'm Crystal~ and I'm Min
And together we are~ As One!"

Coming up today:
In our 1st half:
We have our segment, TAG ALONG!
The world of K-Pop is more connected than you might think! Just like a game of tag, we'll show you how some artists were associated with another! So join us and "Tag Along"!

And in our 2nd half:
We have our segment, MEET ME ON THE STREETS!
Our NEW street reporter Josh Hwang was out on the streets! He'll be sharing interviews with people and we'll hear what they had to say. We'll join him for "Meet Me on the Streets!"

Today's topic is: New Year's Resolutions for 2015
We can't wait to hear some fun interviews later!


We'll continue on after this Song Break:
♬M2. Lyn ft. 레오 / 꽃잎 놀이
♬M3. 페퍼톤스 / 몰라요
♬M4. 지현우 / 모노드라마
(예비) 주얼리 / One More Time

[2nd Segment]

Isn't it great when you're going on your journey in life, and you unexpectedly meet some people that end up impacting you in a great way?

We'll that's what our new segment, "Tag Along" is all about!
In the world of K-Pop, many artists are connected in some very interesting ways!

We'll start TAG ALONG right after this song break.
♬M5. 윤건 / 힐링이 필요해
♬M6. 나얼 / -------

< Opening>



The world of K-Pop is more connected than you might think! Just like a game of tag, we'll show you how some artists were associated with another! So join us and "Tag Along"!
Last week on Tag Along, we ended off by tagging the boys of
Big Bang.
This week the boys of Big Bang will be tagging each other!
So the formation of Big Bang actually starts back about 15 years ago in the year 2000.
It started with the two members G-Dragon and Taeyang.
Back in 2000, the two of them appeared in Jinusean's A-Yo Music Video.
That was their first major pubic appearance and they were seen as two kids destined for stardom.
So as GD and Taeyang were beginning their training, GD wanted to contact his old childhood friend named, 최승현.

최승현 came in for an audition at YG Entertainment, but was initially rejected because he was said to be too "chubby".

But, he was determined to try again and good thing he did!
최승현 made it into the label and is now who we all know as TOP.

While all of this was happening, there was another boy by the name of 이승현 that was competing in dance competitions.
He competed against Taeyang and other trainees that later became part of groups like Super Junior, Shinee, and 동방신기.

But, 이승현 eventually made it on a hit audition program and was later scouted by YG Entertainment.
We now all know 이승현 to be 승리 of Big Bang.

Finally, prior to the debut of Big Bang, 강대성 was picked up through an audition and then had to audition again, but luckily he was chosen through a final televised audition to be a part of YG's new hit boy group.

The five boys, 태양, G-Dragon, TOP, 승리, and 대성 were then placed together to form BIG BANG and the rest is history. Here's:
♬M7. Big Bang / 붉은 노을

We're back with Tag AlongWe just tagged the members of Big Bang with each other.

But, now we want to tag the members of Big Bang with 장현승 of BEAST.

So, we mentioned that the boys of Big Bang had to go through one final audition before making the final cut of the group.

But during that final audition, there was another very talented member who auditioned, but didn't make the final cut.

It was 장현승 of BEAST. But, at that time he went by the name of So-1.

양현석 felt that he was not quite ready to be in the group and therefore, he was taken out of the group.

However, during that time one of 현승's friends by the name of 윤두준 saw 현승 and the other members of Big Bang through their televised auditions.

It inspired 윤두준 to really push to become a singer in Korea.

Then a young trainee named 요섭 under Cube Entertainment needed an extra member for an upcoming performance at that time.

Soon after, destiny played its course and the members of BEAST came together.

(closing tag along)
So there you have it! Today on Tag Along, the boys of Big Bang all tagged each other, then they tagged their "almost fellow member", 장현승 of BEAST.
♬M8. 현아 현승 / Trouble Maker
♬M9. Vibe / 미친거니
(예비) 전소영 / 지금은 헤어져도