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6pm News June 18, 2016 



Prosecutors have launched an investigation into suspicions that an incumbent high-ranking prosecutor received a bribe from Nature Republic CEO Jung Woon-ho in return for a business favor. According to sources close to the legal matter, Jung recently said during questioning that he gave 100 million won to a middleman in 2010, and asked for it to be delivered to an incumbent prosecutor. The sources said the middleman, who is currently in custody, is being questioned on whether the money was actually delivered to the prosecutor in question. If confirmed that any of the money ended up in his hand, the prosecutor will be called in for investigation.■

Some of North Korean ships blacklisted by the United States in the wake of Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests earlier this year have been spotted sailing. According to the Voice of America, Victory 2, in particular, was detected leaving Nampo port of North Korea on Thursday and sailing westwards. The vessel was blacklisted by the U.S. along with 11 other ships in mid-March in addition to 27 other vessels that were sanctioned under the United Nations Security Council resolution. Not specifying its exact number, the report noted that some vessels of the sanctioned have entered and left ports outside of the North on about 20 occasions during the three-month period.■

As vigils have been held across the UK in the memory of the murdered lawmaker Jo Cox, a 52-year-old man was charged with murder and other crimes in the attack. Katie Kim has more. Thomas Mair, who reportedly shot the 41-year-old Labour MP Jo Cox has been charged with murder and possession of an offensive weapon. A 52-year-old man charged in the murder of the British lawmaker is scheduled to appear in Westminster Magistrates' Court in London Saturday. Labour Party lawmaker Cox was killed Thursday after getting out of her car in the town of Birstall in her home constituency. West Yorkshire Police also said they were investigating the attacker's mental health and far-right links. Evidence emerged Friday that the suspect had decades-old ties to a neo-Nazi movement and an interest in anarchist weapons literature. Meanwhile, parliament also recalled MPs for a commemoration on Monday and, as a mark of respect, both sides in the EU referendum extended until Sunday a halt in campaigning before a vote on June 23rd. Katie Kim, eFM News. ■

Korea's two major umbrella unions held a massive rally today, protesting the introduction of a performance-based pay system and the government's moves to allegedly privatize the energy sector. An estimated 100,000 protesters from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions gathered in Yeouido to criticize the government-led workshop on Tuesday to move ahead with controversial policies. The unions warned that they will begin a strike in September affecting 40,000 public enterprise and financial industry workers, if the government does not change its course.■

Taking a look at the weather, Seoul and its surrounding areas are under mostly clear skies at this hour. Some light cloud coverage is forecast overnight with the mercury dipping to a low of 20 degrees. Tomorrow heavy clouds will cover the nation while the central region could receive rainfall earlier in the day. Daytime temperatures will peak at 29 degrees in the capital. As for the current temperature in downtown Seoul, it is 27 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit.■