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9am News June 24, 2016 



The U.N. Security Council has adopted a statement strongly condemning North Korea for its latest missile tests. The 15-member council said Thursday that the launches contribute to the regime's development of nuclear weapons delivery systems. It added they are in grave violation of the North's international obligations and in flagrant disregard of repeated statements by the council. Diplomatic sources said the statement was adopted a day after an emergency session as the Chinese delegation asked for more time to consult with the Beijing government.■

Prosecutors continue to probe alleged corruption by People's Party representatives. First-term lawmaker Kim Su-min emerged from the Seoul Western District Prosecutor's Office in the early morning after undergoing 16 hours of questioning, saying she faithfully complied with the investigaton. She was grilled on suspicions of taking kickbacks from ad companies commissioned to create materials for her party during the April general election. It's believed she and two other members received money in the form of rebates under false subcontracts. The party's former secretary-general, Park Sun-sook is scheduled to be questioned on Monday.■

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked President Barack Obama's bid to shield millions of undocumented migrants from deportation. Justices were split 4-4 over Obama's move to push reforms by executive action. Their deadlock on Thursday has left lower court rulings in place and the president's immigration policy in limbo. Obama said it was heartbreaking for millions but added Congress would not be able to ignore America forever. [Clip - 18 secs.] ■

Taking a look at the weather, its wet, gray skies nationwide at this hour. Showers are forecast to continue in the capital region before tapering off this afternoon. Elsewhere, especially along the southern coast, expect rain through the early evening -- the central region should get around 30 millimeters of precipitation. Temperatures will reach into the mid 20s, with the local daytime high peaking at around 26 degrees. As for the current reading in downtown Seoul, it is 22 degrees Celsius, or 7222 degrees in Fahrenheit.■