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4401 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-01] 5-7·Wake up Crew Korean on the Go   참조열기   15
 Korean on the Go  사랑비 by 김태우  내 사랑이 머리에 내리면 추억이 되살아 나고  
4400 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-01] 5-7·Wake up Crew Today's FYI   참조열기   10
 Today's FYI   The theme of the week is Halloween  Famous Horror Writers.  
4399 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-01] 5-7·Wake up Crew Three Wise Larks   참조열기   13
 Three Wise Larks  Gangnam Style Tourism: Clever or Cheesy? (Keith)   Keith: There are lots of Gangnam Style tour packages ever since the hit song by Psy became popular last summer.  ..
4398 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-01] 5-7·Wake up Crew Seoul Mate   참조열기   4
 Hanna the Seoul Mate   서울 둘레길Event  The city of Seoul has been organizing 함께 걷는 서울 둘레길, a city round walking trail since 2009. To encourage residents to use the trails, the city will be holding various events all throughout this month of November.  Seoul tr..
4397 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-31] 7-9am·This Morning Fresh Look   참조열기   9
 Fresh Look: Chung Joowon , Korea Herald 1. Criticisms are elevating over the fact that the chiefs of the country's major audit agencies are either from Busan Metropolitan City or South Gyeongsang Province, undermining regional diversity in the state supervisory agencies.  B..


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