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4411 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-05] 5-7·Wake up Crew Korean on the Go   참조열기   14
 Korean on the Go  -(으)ㄹ 뻔 하다 = to almost do something  잊을 뻔 하다 = to almost forget 죽을 뻔 하다 = to almost die 
4410 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-05] 5-7·Wake up Crew Today's FYI   참조열기   18
 Today's FYI   The theme of the week is "education"  Types of Illiteracy  You've probably heard of computer illiteracy, but here are some that are a little bit more abstract.    ..
4409 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-05] 5-7·Wake up Crew Three Wise Larks   참조열기   15
 Three Wise Men  Cheap Fashion / Fast Fashion (Chanju)   Chanju: Fast fashion describes a new type of retailing where stores are putting out clothes at a low price to hook consumers to keep them coming back as much as often (Forever 21, H&M, etc…but also dongda..
4408 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-05] 5-7·Wake up Crew Seoul Mate   참조열기   9
 Hanna the Seoul Mate   Recommended Shopping Routes for Shopaholics  Are you interested in shopping? Here's a shopping route guide to help you navigate Korean offerings of fashion from traditional markets to upscale stores.  ..
4407 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-04] 7-9am·This Morning Blog buzz   참조열기   27
 Blog buzz: Sam Wigginton, Social Media Manager at Wall Street English 1. What do you have first for us today, Sam?  


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