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4426 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-08] 5-7·Wake up Crew Korean on the Go   참조열기   23
 Korean on the Go  잊지 말아요 by 백지영   우리 서로 사랑했는데 우리 이제 헤어지네요 같은 하늘 다른 곳에 있어도 부디 나를 잊지 말아요  
4425 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-08] 5-7·Wake up Crew Today's FYI   참조열기   19
 Today's FYI   The theme of the week is "education"  Oldest Schools This is a list of some of the oldest extant schools excluding universities and ..
4424 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-08] 5-7·Wake up Crew Three Wise Larks   참조열기   16
 Three Wise Men  A New Trend: 270' View Screens (Denny)   Denny: I recently went to see a movie, and during the previews/advertisements, there were projections on the sides of the theater so that I no matter where I looked I would see images. Of course the mov..
4423 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-08] 5-7·Wake up Crew Seoul Mate   참조열기   12
 Hanna the Seoul Mate   Owl Bus  Are you trying to think about what to do this weekend? Do you not have a place to go? Well why not just take a look around Seoul and check out some city lights.  ..
4422 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-11-07] 7-9am·This Morning Fresh Look   참조열기   17
 Fresh Look: Chung Joowon , Korea Herald 1. There have been clashing views surrounding the Justice Ministry's recent petition to the Constitutional Court for the dissolution of the Unified P..


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