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4391 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-30] 5-7·Wake up Crew Korean on the Go   참조열기   12
 Korean on the Go   타다 (= to ride)   차를 타다 = to ride a car 비행기를 타다 = to ride an airplane  사다리를 타다 = to go up a ladder  가을을 타다 = to feel gloomy because of the autumn weather  ..
4390 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-30] 5-7·Wake up Crew Today's FYI   참조열기   7
 Today's FYI   The theme of the week is "Halloween"  Other Holidays about Death/Scariness  
4389 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-30] 5-7·Wake up Crew Three Wise Larks   참조열기   10
 Three Wise Larks  Single Men (Denny)   Denny: I think all of us are single (not married)?
4388 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-30] 5-7·Wake up Crew Seoul Mate   참조열기   13
 Hanna the Seoul Mate   Who Is Haechi?   Have you seen the lion like creature on bridges, signs, and various other places around Seoul? Well it's not a lion, it's Haechi. On March 25th, 2008, the Seoul Metropolitan Government chose Haechi as the Mascot of Seoul..
4387 Entertain & Culture 1 [13-10-29] 7-9am·This Morning Culture   참조열기   8
 Culture: Yun SuhYoung, The Korea Times Travel - Geoje island / flower fest   Host: It's already pretty chilly outside. Winter's around the corner and soon it won't be exactly the ideal weather for us to go traveling unless we're going for a warm spa vacation or snuggle..


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