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32 Let's look at 1 [09-06-10] AOD Archive ES Quote of the Week       18
31 Small talk 1 [09-06-10] AOD Archive Story Telling   참조열기   49
Story Telling  The Girl Named Bad  ● Narrator: Hello, and welcome to another edition of Drivetime's Fantastic Fables! This week we are exploring tales from-(SLURP SLURP eating sounds)Ok, what's that sound?  ● Sam: We're eating Indian food to celebrate (yum) India..
30 Small talk 1 [09-06-10] AOD Archive SOA-Opening   참조열기   32
 Welcome folks! I'm Michael Meyers and you're listening to Soul of Asia on TBS eFM 101.3.   It is another windy and rainy day in Seoul today. Since 장마철 or the rainy season usually begins at the end of June, we're probably going to see a lot of rain in the days to come. *So, keep your ..
29 Small talk 1 [09-06-10] AOD Archive Did You Know?   참조열기   30
Did you know?   There are more than 500 varieties of banana in the world. Bananas are one of the few fruits that ripen best off the plant. Some horticulturists suspect that the..
28 Small talk 1 [09-06-09] 7-9am·This Morning A Lighter Note   참조열기   46
A Lighter Note   It's time for a lighter note.   According to AFP, scientists have tracked down previously undiscovered colonies of Antarctic emperor penguins after spotting trails of their "droppings" on satellite pictures.  Zooming in on individual penguins is ..


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