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4 Entertain & Culture 4 [10-05-21] 6-8pm·Primetime The Good Life       121
What can twins separated at birth tell us about how much control we have over our personal happiness? Gene Noh is here to tell us in today's segment of The Good Life.   We've spent the last six months wading through the extensive research on the growing field of positive psychology, and..
3 Entertain & Culture 4 [10-05-21] 6-8pm·Primetime Interview - Married ..   참조열기   39
While society continues to change, one aspect may not have kept up with times as recent survey results released by Statistics Korea show that less than 1 married couple in 10 share housework fairly.   Wendy Sigle-Rushton, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the London School of Economic..
2 Entertain & Culture 4 [10-05-21] 6-8pm·Primetime Interview - Buddha’s..   참조열기   35
Following the tradition of celebrating Buddha's Birthday on the 8th of April on the lunar calendar, Korea designated the day as a national holiday in 1975.    This year Buddha's Birthday falls on May 21st.    And ..
1 Entertain & Culture 4 [10-05-07] 6-8pm·Primetime Special Interview   참조열기   77
Our next guest is recognized as one of the most gifted and captivating performers in the world of classical music.   She has performed with most of the world's major orchestras on some of the most prestigious stages around ..