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   구분 : 자유게시판  작성자 : 김동원  2013-10-22 오후 11:05:38 (조회수 : 2042)    
  제목 : sports rundown my new favorite program
Sports rundown is my new favorite program from tbs efm.

The DJ is very enthusiastic and funny which makes the program really stand out from the rest of the programs in tbs efm.

There are so many sports fans out there that are interested in both domestic and international sports and i think Sports Rundown is the answer to the need of the sports fans but the problem is its too short.

I think sports deserves at least a couple of hours a week or more.

So, it is a bit sad that Sport Weekend no longer exisits.

I think the listeners would love to see a weekend Sports program come back in the new future.

More time need to be given to sports !!!!!