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   구분 : 문의사항  작성자 : 백주용  2010-03-27 오후 12:34:59 (조회수 : 3694)    
  제목 : a quick question
My name is Jace Paek. I came across your website on facebook.I just started listening to your station and I must say, it's a pretty good station. I currently own a website that is an online community for expats and locals to share and gain useful information about teaching and living abroad.It's, I would like to put a link of your website on my website in return of you guys mentioning of my website on one of your talk shows.I've also mentioned and posted a link on my facebook page to my contacts that are in Korea. You can check that out at Well, I hope your company can do that for me and I promise I'll return the favor. Thank you for your busy time and hope to hear from you.

Jace Paek