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2012-05-20 오전 10:29:17 (조회수 : 12363)    
  제목 : Tbs eFM holds third Mini World Cup

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Tbs eFM, the nation’s leading all-English radio station, will hold its third Mini World Cup on Sunday to bring together the foreign community in Korea.

A total of eight teams with participants from countries such as Canada, Germany, Malaysia and China, will be participating in this year’s games.

More than 500 people including the players, their families and cheerleaders are expected to the flock to the games, tbs eFM said.

K-Popular, one of the station’s music programs hosted by former singing duo As One, will be broadcasting the preliminary games, while Sports Weekend’s SJ Lee will cover the finals to offer listeners a vivid glimpse of what is happening at the games.

The English radio station has been holding the Mini World Cup games since 2009 to mark the second year following its launch in December 2008.

Tbs eFM, which offers a variety of English pro